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What is an Apprenticeship Training Provider?

An apprentice being taught by a tutor

Embarking on a journey towards a fulfilling career often involves a combination of education and hands-on experience. Apprenticeships have emerged as a powerful bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, providing individuals with a unique opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously. In the realm of apprenticeships, understanding the role of apprenticeship providers is crucial. Let's dive into the world of apprenticeship providers and unravel the key aspects that make them instrumental in shaping the careers of aspiring professionals.


What is an Apprenticeship Provider?

An apprenticeship provider plays a pivotal role in facilitating the apprenticeship journey. Essentially, these organisations or institutions act as intermediaries between apprentices and employers, creating a structured training standard and framework where knowledge, skills and behaviours are taught. The skills, knowledge and behaviour that are taught lead to a nationally recognised qualification, ranging from Level 2 to Level 7.


Types of Apprenticeship Providers

Independent Training Providers:

Independent Training Providers are organisations that offer apprenticeship training, and other forms of training independently. This means they do not have any affiliation with traditional educational institutions like colleges or universities.

Independent Training Providers (ITP's) offer a variety of courses and programmes and can adapt quickly to changes in the job market. Some ITP’s provide training directly to employers, allowing them to provide bespoke training courses that are specific to that company / industry and equip employees with the specific skills needed for that role.


Colleges are part of the traditional educational institutions, who provide the training courses for individuals on apprenticeship programmes. These programmes typically combine classroom or online instruction with on-the-job training. Colleges offer apprenticeship programmes ranging from Level 2 to Level 5.


Universities are a traditional education institution too, and some universities are diversifying into apprenticeships rather than just the traditional degree programmes. These are Level 6 and Level 7 apprenticeship programmes and they are the equivalent to degree level.


Some employers have their own Apprenticeship programmes and the off-the-job training will take place at their own training academy. Employers that offer their own Apprenticeship training include Balfour Beatty, PwC, Rolls Royce, Nestle, EY and many more. These employers are registered training providers and are commonly referred to as Employer-Providers.


What are GLP Training?

GLP Training are an Independent Training Provider, and we predominantly provide apprenticeship training courses directly to employers. Our clients have the opportunity to choose between connected and focussed cohorts. This gives employers the opportunity to create bespoke training courses for their employees so that they can learn specific skills that are relevant to their company and role. Equally, if an employer decides to choose a connected programme, it allows the employees to learn and develop further knowledge through networking with peers in their apprenticeship programme.

Here at GLP Training, we pride ourselves of creating the perfect apprenticeship programme for our clients. Browse our range of apprenticeship programmes below, and get in touch with our team to discuss the perfect course for you.

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