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Learning and development consultant/business partner is accountable for ensuring Learning and development contributes to, and influences, improved performance in the workplace for an individual, team and organisation. They also have the commercial responsibility to align learning needs with the strategic ambitions and objectives of the business. They are agents for change, influencing key stakeholders, and making decisions and recommendations on what the business can or should do in a Learning and Development context. They are also likely to lead on any Learning and development-related elements of business projects. The learning and development consultant/business partner will often have expertise and competence in a specific field whether it be technical, vocational or behavioural. They link the work they do to the context and strategic priorities of the business and measure the outcomes and impact of any learning interventions, to demonstrate a return on investment and expectation. 


The role can be a generalist learning and development or more specialist, where the focus and in-depth expertise is within a specific area such as organisation development, digital and blended learning, resourcing, or talent management. Whichever the area of focus, the role requires a good grounding across all areas of Learning and development and is business and future focused. 


The learning and development consultant business partner role exists within a range of organisations including private, public and third sector. Typically, the individual works alongside colleagues who specialise in human resources (i.e. employee relations, reward, recruitment), often supported by a learning and development administrator and/or learning and development practitioner. They report to a senior learning and development manager, Head of department or Director. In larger organisations, they may be one of the team supporting the business and may have responsibility for managing people and a budget. 


Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner

Making sure that learning and development contributes to improved performance in the workplace.




18+ months


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