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At GLP Training, our Building Services Engineering Service & Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship is strategically designed to develop skilled professionals who ensure that building systems operate efficiently and sustainably. As an apprenticeship provider committed to excellence, we train engineers who play a pivotal role in making buildings functional and safe, focusing on a variety of industrial and commercial building services engineering systems.

A Building Services and Maintenance Engineer is fundamental in planning and executing a wide spectrum of maintenance activities. These professionals manage critical systems such as ventilation, heating, water supply, and waste management, along with effluent discharge and comprehensive drainage systems. Their expertise extends to the meticulous execution of electrical isolation, disconnection, reconnection, and reactivation, ensuring all engineering systems coordinate seamlessly and safely.

Our apprentices learn to perform planned preventative maintenance, a proactive approach that preserves the long-term integrity and efficiency of building systems. They are also skilled in conducting necessary remedial repairs to address any emergent issues promptly, thereby preventing potential disruptions in building operations.

Additionally, apprentices in this programme are trained to adeptly monitor and manage the operation of plants and equipment via sophisticated building and energy management systems. This includes optimising the performance of these systems to ensure energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, aligning with environmental standards and sustainability goals.

Through our Building Services Engineering Service & Maintenance Engineer Apprenticeship, apprentices are equipped with the skills and knowledge to maintain high standards of building functionality and safety. They become adept at ensuring operational continuity in a variety of settings, making them invaluable assets in the maintenance engineering sector.


Building Services Engineering Service and Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance and repair of building services, such as: ventilation, heating, water supply.




36+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Construction and Trade Pathway 

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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