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The SHE Technician will be able to work in organisations of varying sizes and industries; the role could be based in one location or may involve travel across a range of contracts. The role will be partly office based and partly on construction sites, where you will implement safety systems and advise others on how to work without harming themselves or others. The Technician will work with the management and delivery team of the organisation to advise on the statutory health, safety, and environmental requirements as they affect the company’s operations. They will assist the management team in ensuring that the legal and company SHE requirements are implemented.

Daily activities include:

  • Develop, review, and check on the implementation of safety systems at work.

  • Deliver training (e.g., toolbox talks & inductions).

  • Investigate incidents.

  • Analyse and present data to management team.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Technician’s will engage with all aspects of the organisation to support the embedment of a culture that secures the well-being of all, enabling them to reunite with their loved ones each day without harm whilst also protecting and enhancing the global land, air, and water resources for future generations. This will be achieved by inspiring and influencing others to see the benefit of working responsibly, understanding the legal framework, and showing how safety, health and environmental management can enhance operational activities.


Safety, Health and Environmental Technician

Working with management and delivery teams to advise on the statutory health, safety and environmental requirements.




14+ months
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