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Our Partners

Over time we have carefully curated a selection of qualifications that best suit the market and training needs of organisations.

We also offer the unique opportunity for employers to collaborate with us in building tailored apprenticeships that perfectly align with their unique business objectives and needs.  Because of this, GLP Training is the ideal partner for both learners and employers seeking to cultivate a skilled and knowledgeable team that contributes to long-term success.


To deliver a service that meets the high targets we set for ourselves, we integrate industry-leading technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI)and state-of-the-art platforms such as Bud, BKSB, and Cognassist. Our innovative approach ensures a seamless and efficient learning experience that elevates learners to their full potential and prepares them for success in their chosen fields.


Depending on the qualifications you choose, we offer different delivery methods tailored to your needs and the needs of the qualification. Including remote and on-site delivery, as well as practical sessions if required at our Worcester Training Centre.


Choosing GLP Training means investing in a future built on innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled support. Together we will create a prosperous and rewarding journey for learners and employers alike, fostering success through the power of partnership.


Embrace the future with GLP Training – your trusted partner in unlocking potential and achieving excellence.



We partner with Cognassist to provide neurodiversity assessments for each of our new apprentices. We’ve partnered with them for many years now as we feel the results of these assessments are invaluable to the apprentice, their employer and our ourselves. The results and feedback help apprentices discover insight into themselves, while also ensuring we as a training provider and you as their employer know the best way both to teach your apprentice, as well as provide instructions dependent on the most effective way they consume new information.




We’ve been working with Bud for since 2020 after switching from our previous e-portfolio provider. Since switching we’ve had great feedback from our skills coaches, apprentices and employers on the ease of using Bud, as well as the quality and richness of the data and information it can provide both to us and you as an employer when checking apprentice reports, whether it be for one apprentice or 100’s.




Functional Skills and initial assessments are a huge part of apprenticeships especially if you haven’t received qualifications such as GCSE grades which exempt you from them. Functional Skills training is required commonly on our lower-level apprenticeships and our Functional Skills specific skills coaches have helped over 5000 apprentices in the UK achieve their Functional Skills over the last decade. BKSB plays a fundamental role in helping us ensure the learning content for each apprentice is specific and tailored to the areas they require the most support on.


Over the past few years, we’ve created a new department within GLP Training named ‘Digital Innovation’. This department’s primary focus is to continuously improve the core aspects of our apprenticeships and the user journey and experience both for apprentices and their employers. Success from this includes our free training provision on our new website which launched January 2023 and our industry-leading digital skill scans which can be completed on mobile devices prior to enrolment.

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