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The Improvement Practitioner Level 4 Apprenticeship prepares individuals for a career in operational excellence and continuous improvement. This apprenticeship covers a range of topics, including process analysis, problem-solving techniques, project management, change management, and teamwork.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices will have a comprehensive understanding of continuous improvement principles and will be capable of identifying and leading improvement initiatives in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and more.

This apprenticeship programme has the addition of a Green six sigma belt certification which equips apprentices with the understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles allowing them to lead and support projects.

As an Improvement Practitioner, they will play a key role in ensuring that their organisation continually evolves and improves. They will be able to work effectively as part of a team or lead a team in improvement initiatives, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and represent their organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Typical activities include:

  • Identifying potential opportunities and issues, proposing solutions and implementing changes

  • Lead projects and manage small teams through them

  • Coach and provide feedback to teams


Improvement Practitioner

Identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes.




14+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Leadership and Sustainability Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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