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Learning and Development Practitioner

Identifying, creating and delivering appropriate training needs.




18+ months

This apprenticeship program aims to bring awareness of how learning and development (L&D) can significantly enhance performance in the workplace, benefiting individuals, teams, and organisations across the private, public, and third sectors. L&D Practitioners play a crucial role, engaging in tasks such as identifying training needs, designing and sourcing innovative training and learning solutions, and effectively delivering and evaluating training programs. They collaborate closely with stakeholder and business area managers, focusing on the practical delivery of training interventions. 


They possess a comprehensive understanding of the business context, allowing them to contribute to and influence improved performance outcomes. In many cases, these professionals work within the L&D function, where they analyse learning requirements and tailor strategies to suit individual, team, and organisational levels. The training they provide can take various forms, including face-to-face sessions and blended learning approaches. 

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