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The Learning and Skills Mentor Level 4 Apprenticeship is designed for those passionate about fostering growth and development in others. This apprenticeship covers an array of pertinent topics such as mentoring methodologies, effective communication techniques, understanding learner needs, and creating conducive environments for growth.

On successful completion of this apprenticeship, apprentices will have a high standard of mentoring to support individuals and groups. They will be proficient in guiding learners in diverse settings, adeptly addressing individual needs, and ensuring their mentees attain their maximum potential.

As a Learning and Skills Mentor, they will be at the heart of individual growth stories, leveraging their expertise to shape, guide, and inspire learners. With the industry-oriented curriculum of this apprenticeship, they will be well-prepared to move into more specialised roles or delve into the broader realms of learning and development or coaching through the apprenticeship progression routes we offer, continually expanding their horizons and making impactful contributions to the world of education and personal development.


Learning and Skills Mentor

Supporting learners of all ages, and all levels, to develop within a new work role.




12+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Professional Services Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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