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Higher National Diploma in Leadership and Management for England

Inclusive of Cranfield School of Management PgAward.

Embark on a transformative journey with GLP Training's Higher National Diploma (HND) in Leadership and Management for England (HTQ). This programme is meticulously designed to provide an immersive business education experience, honing the essential knowledge and practical skills vital for either entering the professional world or pursuing further academic achievements.

Engage with a curriculum that mirrors the demands of the contemporary business landscape, preparing you for roles that demand not just critical thinking and effective strategic planning, but also adeptness in managing future-oriented projects and teams.


Year 1 Modules:


Navigating the Modern Business Ecosystem: Understand the dynamics of today's business environment and how to thrive within it.

Strategic Marketing and Planning: Dive into the core processes of crafting and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Human Resource Management: Learn the intricacies of managing an organisation's most valuable assets - its people.

Leadership Excellence: Explore the attributes of successful leadership and management in a variety of contexts.

Project Management for Success: Gain hands-on experience in planning and executing projects that align with business goals.

Efficiency in Operations: Master the art of optimising operational processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital Business Strategies: Embrace the digital transformation with practical insights into running a business in the digital age.


Year 2 Modules:


Organisational Behaviour: Analyse and apply theories of how people behave within organisations to improve management practices.

Change Management: Equip yourself with the tools and techniques necessary for leading change in fast-paced environments.

Operations Management Principles: Delve into the principles that govern effective operations and supply chain management.

Crafting Business Strategy: Learn how to develop and implement robust business strategies to navigate competitive markets.

Business IT Systems: Understand the critical role of information technology systems in supporting and enhancing business operations.

Team and Organisational Development: Focus on the development of individuals, teams, and entire organisations to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Communication and Relationship Management: Master the art of business communication and build lasting professional relationships.

Leveraging Business Data: Explore the power of data analytics in making informed business decisions and driving growth.


Why Choose GLP Training?


At GLP Training, we're not just about imparting knowledge; we're about creating leaders of tomorrow. Our HND in Leadership and Management is more than a qualification—it's a gateway to your future success in the business world.


Higher National Diploma in Leadership and Management for England

Start Date - September 2024




2 years


Funding & Scholarships Available


This Higher Technical Qualification is also linked to our

Leadership and Sustainability Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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