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At GLP Training, our Level 2 Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship addresses the growing needs of the building industry, a sector pivotal in creating essential infrastructure such as homes, schools, hospitals, and transportation facilities. With the ongoing expansion in the housing sector, the demand for skilled carpenters and joiners continues to rise, highlighting the importance of this trade in meeting societal needs


This apprenticeship provides a comprehensive education in carpentry and joinery, covering a wide range of skills from team working and effective communication to the proficient use of hand and power tools. Apprentices gain in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced carpentry and joinery techniques, preparing them for a variety of roles in the field.

Apprenticeship Focus Areas Include:

  • Foundational Skills: Learning the essential techniques of cutting, shaping, and installing building materials.

  • Tool Mastery: Gaining proficiency in both traditional hand tools and modern power tools, ensuring versatile capabilities in all forms of carpentry work.

  • Project Collaboration: Working effectively within a team to deliver high-quality construction projects on time and to specification.

Carpentry and joinery professionals can choose between two distinct career paths within the apprenticeship:

Site Carpenter: Focuses on the onsite construction environment where they prepare and install building components. This includes fitting doors, constructing straight staircases, assembling wall and floor units, and erecting structural frameworks and roof structures in both residential and commercial settings.

Architectural Joiner: Specialises in a workshop setting, meticulously crafting building components such as doors, windows, and staircases. This role demands precision in marking out, setting out, and manufacturing products, often involving detailed work with associated ironmongery.

Beyond acquiring these skills, apprentices are poised for progression to advanced roles within the industry, such as becoming master craftsmen or specialists in their field. They may also choose to further their training in specialised areas of carpentry and joinery, enhancing their expertise and career opportunities. You can also progress onto our level 3 Advanced Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship.


Carpentry and Joinery

Using timber products to create and install building components.




24+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Construction and Trade Pathway 

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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