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Higher National Diploma in Construction Management for England

Elevate your career in the construction industry with GLP Training's Higher National Diploma in Construction for England. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed for aspiring construction professionals who seek to lead, innovate, and excel in this dynamic field. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical application, our diploma equips you with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of contemporary construction projects and management roles.

The Higher National Diploma in Construction for England is structured to provide a deep dive into the core aspects of construction management, covering essential knowledge and cutting-edge practices. The programme is divided into two years of focused study, with each year comprising modules tailored to build a solid foundation and specialised expertise in construction management.

Year 1 Modules:

Construction Environment & Legal and Statutory Requirements in Construction: An exploration of the construction sector's environmental impact, sustainability considerations, and the legal and statutory framework.

Financial Management, Business Practices in Construction, Tender and Procurement: This module covers the financial aspects of construction projects, including budgeting, cost control, and the tendering and procurement process.

Building Information Modelling and its Digital Applications: Dive into the transformative power of BIM technologies in planning, designing, and managing construction projects.

Construction Technology and Design Project: Apply your knowledge in a project that integrates construction technology and design principles, addressing real-world construction challenges.

Year 2 Modules:

Personal Professional Development and Project Management: Focus on developing professional skills and mastering project management techniques for effective construction leadership.

Advanced Construction Drawing, Detailing and Building Information Modelling: Enhance your skills in construction drawing and detailing, along with advanced applications of BIM.

Highway Engineering and Hydraulics: Explore the engineering principles behind highway construction and hydraulic systems.

Construction Technology for Complex Buildings Projects and Group Project: Tackle complex construction projects, applying advanced construction technology and collaborative skills in a group project setting.

Why GLP Training?

Choosing GLP Training for your Higher National Diploma in Construction for England means selecting an institution committed to your success. Our programme stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and focus on the latest industry practices. Here, you will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in construction management but also develop the ability to innovate and lead in the face of industry challenges.

Embark on a Career-Building Journey

With the Higher National Diploma in Construction for England from GLP Training, you are setting the stage for a fulfilling and impactful career in construction management. This program is your pathway to becoming a key player in the construction industry, capable of managing complex projects, leading teams, and contributing to sustainable and efficient construction practices. Join us to build the skills, knowledge, and professional network needed to excel in the world of construction.


Higher National Diploma in Construction Management for England

Start Date - September 2024




2 years


£8,995 p.a.

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