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Colleagues Working Together

Communication skills

Find out important information about your communication skills, the impact of good and bad communication and more importantly the various methos of communication.


Learn how to plan and prepare and effective presentation in order to keep your audience engaged with your content. Colours, typography, animations and how to apply them effectively.


A guide to passing your exams

Learn how to be prepared for your exams, how to handle stress and anxiety and how to manage your time during an exam efficiently.

Interview techniques

Learn all the basic skills required to support you with an interview within your course or any job application. Be prepared and be successful. 

Job Interview
Date at a cafe

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

Answer this self-assessment questionnaire and find out your level of emotional intelligence and how it affects your social skills, management of emotions, empathy, motivation and self-awareness.

Belbin Team Roles

Discover the different roles people prefer to take within a team. Understand their skills and behaviours and also find out the role that is best for you.

Team Building Session
Stack of Books

Harvard Referencing

A quick guide on how to use Harvard Referencing correctly in your assignments. 

Online Sexual Harassment

Protect yourself from online sexual abuse, online bullying and learn how to set your boundaries within any working environment.



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