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The Improvement Specialist Level 5 Apprenticeship is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in roles that revolve around enhancing business operations and performance. This apprenticeship covers a broad array of topics, including project management and planning, problem-solving methodologies, coaching, change management, data analysis, and process improvement strategies.  

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices will possess the right management principles and tools with a comprehensive understanding of the business improvement landscape and will be capable of managing and leading improvement initiatives in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and public services.  


As an Improvement Specialist, they will play an essential role in driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation within an organisation. Their expertise will aid in aligning business operations with strategic objectives, adhering to regulatory standards, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Consequently, they’ll contribute significantly to enhancing business performance, boosting customer satisfaction, and ultimately improving an organisation’s bottom line. 


This apprenticeship programme has the addition of earning a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, which equips apprentices with the ability and qualification to lead and manage projects.  


Improvement Specialist

Leading the deployment of improvement strategies.




14+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Leadership and Sustainability Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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