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Our Commitment to Sustainability Education

Driving Sustainability from your Frontline to your Topline

GLP Training is dedicated to advancing sustainability awareness and education across UK businesses and organisations. Our initiatives are designed to integrate sustainable practices at all levels of operation, ensuring that every member of your organisation can contribute to both a more sustainable organisation, impact and future.

Launch of the Apprenticeship Programme

In late 2023, we introduced the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner Apprenticeship. This innovative programme is crafted to foster essential sustainability skills among professionals, preparing them to lead and implement effective environmental strategies within their roles. The apprenticeship can be suitable for sustainability spearheads within organisations, or departments, as well as for sustainability-focused teams within larger organisations.

Integration within Leadership & Sustainability Pathway

To broaden our sustainability education offering and ensure impact could be achieved at all levels, not just through the level 4 apprenticeship, we sought to develop our Leadership and Sustainability pathway, specifically designed to incorporate sustainability at its core. With contributions from Paul Abbott, a leading UK voice in sustainability education, we developed our very own 'Sustainability Essentials' module. This module is pivotal in equipping professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to drive sustainable change and can be incorporated into our different course offerings, including Bootcamps, Apprenticeships and HTQs.

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School of Management

To advance and enhance our sustainability modules, we've collaborated with the prestigious Cranfield School of Management to further enrich our pathway with sustainability credentials spanning from bronze to gold levels. This partnership allows us to offer a structured progression in sustainability education, enhancing our courses' strategic value and impact.






Credential - Gold

Credential - Silver

Credential - Bronze

Sustainability Essentials

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Impact and Vision

Our vision is to help our partner organisations to embed sustainable practices across all levels of a workforce, from frontline staff to senior leaders, truly embodying our campaign slogan: 'Drive sustainability from your frontline to your topline.' By doing so, we aim to help businesses not only meet their environmental responsibilities but also thrive through sustainability-led strategies and showcase a positive image that appeals to today's generation.

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