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The Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician apprenticeship equips individuals with conventional skills and knowledge in maintenance and operations engineering. Apprentices gain practical abilities and theoretical knowledge in various technical tasks, ensuring machinery efficiency. They develop a solid foundation in engineering principles, focusing on maintenance, diagnostics, and problem-solving.

The program covers electrical and electronic systems, mechanical systems, fluid power systems, and control systems. Apprentices gain hands-on experience in diagnosing faults, conducting repairs, and implementing preventive maintenance. Communication and teamwork skills are emphasized for collaboration with colleagues to optimise efficiency.

Continuous professional development is encouraged to stay updated with technology and industry practices. Completing the apprenticeship enables individuals to work effectively in maintenance and operations engineering roles, contributing to machinery reliability and organisational success.


Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician

Maintaining the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment in industries that are part of the national infrastructure engineering sector, such as electricity generating, oil and gas refining and pharmaceuticals




36+ months


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