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2023 Insights Report

At GLP Training, our aim is to deliver the best courses and services to all our stakeholders. To accomplish this goal, we had the honour of producing our inaugural Insights report for 2023. 

This report pinpoints the commitment and hard work of every individual at GLP Training, demonstrating the immense efforts and accomplishments we have pursued together over the year. Additionally, it also provides insight to our new projects and courses.

It is a significant privilege that we were able to analyse both our internal data as well as the government data for 2023, allowing us to deeply reflect on our findings. Through this insight, not only does it highlight our potential alignment and disparities with other providers but also enables us to track national trends and changes within apprenticeships and training overall. 

Through analysing our 2023 data we can:

  1. Identify areas of strength and areas for improvement within our courses and programmes.

  2. Better understand how we compare to other providers and track national trends in apprenticeships and training.

  3. Use this insight to inform strategic decisions and enhance our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

  4. Continuously improve our practices and ensure that we remain at the forefront of the training industry.


Moving forward in 2024, we are dedicated to continuing this new practise of producing annual Insights reports. These reports will serve as invaluable tools for evaluating our progress, identifying areas for improvement, and setting strategic goals for the future.

Through this ongoing process of reflection and analysis, we will ensure that GLP Training remains at the forefront of delivering excellence in courses and services year after year.

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A Year in Review

Download our Apprenticeship Insights Report

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