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The 5% Club

The 5% Club represents a pioneering initiative among employers dedicated to integrating earning and learning opportunities into their workforce development strategies.


The 5% Club works by focusing on encouraging employers to commit to having at least 5% of their workforce consisting of apprentices, graduates, or sponsored students to help tackle the issues of skills shortages and youth unemployment.


There are currently more than 1,000 organisations across the UK – all committed to providing ‘earn and learn’ opportunities for their workforce.

GLP Training have been proud members of the 5% Club since January 2023, actively contributing to their mission in reducing youth unemployment and addressing the skills shortages that the UK are facing. 

The apprenticeship programmes that our employees are undergoing range from cutting-edge AI and Marketing Degree Apprenticeships to the crucial HR, Business Administration, and Content Creation Apprenticeships.

Since joining, we have not only met, but exceeded our target by 92%, resulting in a notable 9.6% of our workforce enrolled on apprenticeship programmes. 

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The benefits of the 5% Club

It’s easier than you think for your company to get involved and achieve the 5% target. This involves 2 quick and easy steps:

Step 1:
Members are asked to sign The official 5% Club Charter, pledging voluntary commitment to their goals.

Step 2:
Members are then asked to provide a breakdown of numbers, such as:

  • Total UK workforce

  • Number of employees currently studying for apprenticeships

  • Number of employees on a formal graduate programmes

  • Number of sponsored students



Explore The 5% Club Website today for further details and join in the effort to drive positive change and close the skills gap for individuals and your workforce.

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