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Business Administrator

Supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation and interact with internal or external customers.




15+ months

Business administrators are versatile professionals, possessing a wide-ranging skill set that transcends various industries. Their role can involve both independent work and collaboration within a team, focusing on the development, implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of administrative services. Business administrators cultivate essential competencies and behaviours, positioning them for future management roles. 

The responsibilities of this role extend to supporting and engaging with various facets of the organisation while interfacing with both internal and external stakeholders. 


They exhibit a positive attitude and strong communication skills, both in written and verbal forms, proactively developing their abilities. Initiative, effective time management, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, and the potential for people management responsibilities through mentoring or coaching others are also essential elements of this role. 


Key responsibilities include: interacting with internal and external stakeholders, project management, engaging with various parts of the organisation, collaborating with an experienced team, continuous improvement, supporting and engaging with customers, prioritising tasks, interfacing with different areas of the organisation, performing financial processes, analysing data, and building and maintaining systems and processes. 

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