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Welcome to
The Building Block

At GLP Training, we are thrilled to introduce "The Building Block," our state-of-the-art training centre dedicated to construction and building services. Located in the heart of Worcester, this facility is a collaboration between GLP Training and the Worcestershire Community Trust, reflecting our commitment to developing skilled professionals in the building trades.

The Building Block is designed to serve as the cornerstone of practical, hands-on training for individuals pursuing careers in the building services sector. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools and technologies essential for delivering a comprehensive educational experience. Here, apprentices and trainees can immerse themselves in real-world scenarios under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Programmes Offered


The Building Block offers a range of programmes tailored to meet the needs of the construction industry:

  • Core Building Services Apprenticeships: Specialising in carpentry, property maintenance, and building services engineering

  • Commercial Courses: Including a 4-day intensive plastering course

  • Construction and Retrofit Skills Bootcamps: Focused on the practical aspects required in the modern construction and retrofitting fields



Each programme is designed to equip students with the skills needed to excel in their respective trades, ensuring they are job-ready upon completion of their training.


Importance and Impact


By providing top-tier training and development opportunities, The Building Block plays a pivotal role in supporting the local economy. Skilled workers are essential for the construction industry, and by enhancing the qualifications of our workforce, we contribute directly to the economic prosperity of Worcester and the surrounding areas.



Our courses also emphasise sustainable practices and innovative solutions in construction, preparing students for the demands of modern building projects and environmental stewardship.



In partnership with the Worcestershire Community Stations (to be changed back to Worcestershire Community Trust) we are not just training individuals; we are building a community of skilled professionals who are ready to give back to their locales. Our trainees often participate in community-based projects, providing essential services and improvements that benefit all residents.

Join us

Whether you are starting your career, looking to enhance your skills, or seeking a comprehensive apprenticeship, The Building Block is your gateway to success in the construction and building services industry. Explore our programmes and see how you can build a robust and rewarding career with us.

To discover how you can forge your path in construction - visit our Construction and Trade Pathway which consists of courses from Level 2 to Level 5.

Discover your potential at The Building Block—where we build the future of construction.

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