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At GLP Training, our Facilities Services Operative Apprenticeship offers comprehensive training designed for individuals eager to excel in the dynamic field of facilities management (FM). This apprenticeship serves as a foundational stepping stone for those pursuing a career on both the supplier side—companies that deliver FM services to clients—and the client side—entities that receive these services.

Facilities Services Operatives (FSOs) are integral to maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of diverse environments such as residential developments, commercial properties, hospitals, schools, retail centers, and industrial locations. These professionals are adept at navigating various industry sub-sectors, showcasing versatility and adaptability in their roles.

Apprentices in this programme develop crucial skills in cross-departmental collaboration, engaging with colleagues from finance, procurement, and commercial departments, as well as with technical experts and other FM-related personnel including security, cleaning, catering, and front-of-house staff. This apprenticeship emphasises the importance of customer interaction, equipping apprentices with the skills necessary to manage and enhance customer experiences effectively.

Operatives often work in varied settings, from small enterprises where they may operate independently, to large-scale operations where teamwork with up to 500 colleagues is common, depending on the contract's size. Daily responsibilities include regular interaction with the FM department and reporting to the FM Supervisor.

Our Facilities Services Operative Apprenticeship trains individuals to excel in this outward-facing role, preparing them to meet the diverse needs of the facilities management industry with a strong customer focus, robust problem-solving skills, and effective interdepartmental collaboration.


Facilities Services Operative

Providing facilities services support to customers and facilities management departments.




13+ months


This Apprenticeship Standard is also linked to our

Facilities Management Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.