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Diploma in Operational Management

Step into the world of strategic leadership and operational excellence with GLP Training's Diploma in Operational Management, in association with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This prestigious programme is designed for professionals aspiring to enhance their operational management skills and drive their organisations towards greater efficiency and success. As a participant, you will master the art of managing and improving business operations, equipping yourself to lead teams and projects that outperform expectations.

The Diploma in Operational Management focuses on building your capabilities in key areas such as resource management, strategic planning, and decision-making. You will explore a range of management theories and apply these through practical, real-world assignments. This course is tailored to develop not only your strategic thinking but also your practical skills in leadership and operational management.

Learning Experience:

Strategic Operational Management: Learn to develop and implement operational strategies that align with organisational objectives, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Leadership Development: Enhance your leadership skills, learning to motivate and guide teams toward achieving operational excellence.

Resource Management: Gain insights into managing both human and physical resources to optimise output and drive business growth.

Professional Application: Apply your learning in diverse operational scenarios, preparing for roles that require both strategic oversight and day-to-day management capabilities.

Why Choose GLP Training?

Choosing the Diploma in Operational Management at GLP Training means selecting a program that is closely aligned with industry standards and endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute. Our expert instructors are seasoned leaders with extensive operational and managerial experience. This ensures that you receive education that is not only theoretical but deeply grounded in practical realities. In our supportive learning environment, you will not only acquire essential management skills but also the confidence to apply these skills effectively in a range of professional settings.

Transform Your Career, Drive Organisational Success

As a graduate of the Diploma in Operational Management, you’ll be well-prepared to take on pivotal roles within your organisation, influencing operations and strategic decisions. Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or transition to a higher level of operational management, this diploma will equip you with the skills and knowledge to lead change and promote sustained organisational growth. Join GLP Training and step forward as a leader, ready to implement effective operational strategies and contribute to the success of your enterprise.


Diploma in Operational Management

Start Date - September 2024




1 year




This Higher Technical Qualification is also linked to our

Leadership and Sustainability Pathway

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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