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Higher National Certificate In Quantity Surveying for England

Step into the realm of precision and strategic planning with GLP Training's Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying for England. This distinguished programme is tailored for individuals eager to master the financial and managerial aspects of construction projects. As a participant, you will develop the acumen to manage project costs effectively and ensure economic viability, all while adhering to regulatory standards and client expectations.

The Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the core elements of quantity surveying such as cost estimation, project management, and contract administration. This course emphasises the cultivation of skills necessary for successful financial management in the construction industry. By interfacing with industry standards and engaging in practical learning experiences, you’ll become adept at delivering projects within budget and on schedule.

Learning Experience:

Cost Management and Estimation: Gain in-depth knowledge of cost control techniques and the principles of estimation to manage finances from project inception to completion.

Contractual Knowledge: Learn about various construction contracts, their legal frameworks, and effective administration to safeguard project interests.

Project Financial Control: Develop strategies to monitor and adjust project expenditures, ensuring financial health throughout the project lifecycle.

Professional Application: Apply your skills in real-world scenarios, enhancing your capability to work as a quantity surveyor in diverse construction environments.

Why Choose GLP Training?

Opting for the Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying at GLP Training means choosing a program that prioritises practical, industry-specific knowledge. Our instructors are experts in the field of quantity surveying, bringing a wealth of experience and insight that enriches the learning experience. In our supportive educational environment, you will not only grasp complex financial concepts but also develop the confidence to apply them effectively in your professional life.

Transform Your Career, Influence Construction Economics

As a graduate of the Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying, you’ll be equipped to influence the financial framework of construction projects significantly. Whether you're looking to advance in your current career or pivot to a specialised role in quantity surveying, this certificate will pave the way for a rewarding professional journey. Join GLP Training and become a pivotal part of the construction industry, ready to optimise costs and enhance the economic efficiency of your projects.


Higher National Certificate In Quantity Surveying for England

Start Date - September 2024




1 year




This Higher Technical Qualification is also linked to our

Construction and Trade Pathway 

providing amazing career progression opportunities.


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