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December 2022 - FIFA World Cup

Updated: May 30, 2023

Many of you will be aware of the Football World Cup, which started in Qatar on the 20th of November with the opening match between the host nation and Ecuador. The World Cup is not only a football celebration but also an opportunity for global countries to demonstrate unity and a common goal of sport that transcends cultural and racial barriers.

However, arguments rage on about whether the sport should get involved in and make comments on international and national politics, with FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) stating:

“…football should not be "dragged" into ideological or political "battles". -, 2022

In response, European football federations state:​

This has never been more apparent than during the current World Cup.


Why is Qatar's hosting of the World Cup causing controversy?

Qatar’s selection, 12 years ago to hold this World Cup, was initially controversial; although at face value, they were democratically elected by FIFA’s executive representatives from across the world.

However, at the time, they were accused of paying FIFA officials £3 million, although this allegation was cleared after an investigation lasting over 2 years.

They are the first Arab nation to host the World Cup.

Stories of corruption and bribery, which directly contravene FIFA’s own Code of Conduct and ethics, have been widespread. This includes the topics below:

Health and Safety

LGBTQ+ Rights

If you wish to read more about this topic, additional reading can be found at:

Play our penalty shoot-out game to test your World Cup and Equality knowledge by clicking the link below:


Discussion point for British Values

  • What is the dichotomy between Western/British values of Equality and Diversity/Tolerance of others and the other British value of Respect for others’ culture?

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