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Facilities Management L3 (Micro Revision Podcasts)

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Welcome to "Revision Mastery: Facilities Management Level 3 Apprenticeship," your concise and comprehensive companion, brought to you by GLP Training. This series of micro podcasts is specifically crafted to supplement your on-programme training and masterclasses, providing bite-sized revisions for key topics, equipping you for success in the end-point assessment. Our micro sessions break down complex themes into easily digestible content, each focusing on an essential area within the Facilities Management Level 3 Apprenticeship. The areas covered include Self-awareness, Project Management, PESTLE Analysis, Budgeting, Management Theories, FM & Health and Safety, Effective Communication, and CSR & The Improvement Cycle. But we know that mastering the content is just part of the journey. That's why our micro podcasts also provide practical stress and time management strategies, along with tips for demonstrating competence under pressure. "Revision Mastery" perfectly aligns with your course modules, seamlessly integrating your learning journey and helping you prepare effectively for your assessment. Embark on your path to success with "Revision Mastery: Facilities Management Level 3 Apprenticeship." These micro podcasts are your accessible, convenient revision tool, designed to fit into your busy schedule and set you up for success in your end-point assessment. Tune in and power up your revision.

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