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Shell Energy CSS

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Welcome to the Shell Energy CSS programme, an exclusive training course meticulously designed in partnership with GLP Training. This programme is custom-built for new members of the Shell Energy family, providing an immersive and comprehensive introduction to our company, our culture, and our commitment to continuous learning and development. Our goal with this bespoke induction programme is to ensure a smooth transition for our new staff, aiding their understanding of the role they play within Shell Energy, and aligning their aspirations with our strategic objectives. This induction is the start of your journey with us, setting the foundation for your continuous learning journey, including the opportunity to undertake apprenticeships that contribute to personal growth and career progression. With an innovative blend of interactive sessions, insightful presentations, and practical exercises, this programme will introduce you to Shell Energy's ethos, operational dynamics, and the energy sector's broader context. We believe that understanding these factors is integral to your successful integration into our team and industry. In collaboration with GLP Training, we have tailored this induction programme to promote a culture of learning right from the outset. Through this, we aim to foster an environment where every team member feels valued, motivated, and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

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