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Step by Step Guide to your Apprenticeship Enrolment

Enrolling on an apprenticeship programme involves several important steps to ensure that you are on the correct programme and that we have everything we need for you to have a smooth transition on to your new venture.

To make things easier, we have collated all the steps that will be involved in your enrolment into a step-by-step guide, that you can refer back to if you ever get stuck on what's next!

Watch the below video for a quick overview of the apprenticeship enrolment steps and read below for details of what each step entails:


7 Steps to the Apprenticeship Enrolment

Step 1: Complete Online Skill Scan

The first thing you will be asked to complete is a Skill Scan, to check your prior knowledge for the apprenticeship programme that you are enrolling on. The Skill Scan ensures that you start at the correct level, and it's an important step to avoid redundant learning and equally to ensure that the apprenticeship programme is achievable for your skill level.

When completing the Skill Scan, suitable candidates for the apprenticeship programme typically score themselves between 0-4, indicating that they have little to some knowledge of the topic. Scores of 4+ will indicate to us that you have prior knowledge of the topic, and therefore your teaching can be reduced. Scores of 8+ suggest that you have expert knowledge of a topic, which may make you ineligible for the apprenticeship. It is important to answer these questions truthfully, so that your training needs can be met.

Step 2: Register in Bud

The next step is to register on Bud, which is where you will go for the majority of your learning content. The Bud platform will be your main point of call for resources related to your apprenticeship programme.

Step 3: Accept your Teams Invitation to an Induction Session

One of our onboarding team will be sending out an invitation to your induction session via teams. Keep an eye out for this invitation and let us know if you have any issues with the time specified - our team will look at rearranging to a time that is suitable for you.

Step 4: Complete Initial Assessments (Functional Skills)

You will be sent a BKSB link where you will complete your initial assessments to assess your English and mathematics knowledge. These assessments will determine which level you are working at for your functional skills and will determine whether you require any assistance throughout your apprenticeship programme.

Step 5: Complete the Cognassist Assessment

Cognassist is a neurodiversity assessment which evaluates the main cognitive domains involved in learning, and identifies and develops a personalised learning strategy. By completing this, it will allow GLP Training to develop an assessment plan that will support you as a learner throughout your programme.

Step 6: Attend your Induction Session

The second to last step will be attending your induction/enrolment session via the Teams invitation that you accepted. You will be met with a member of our onboarding team, who will verify your ID documentation and address any queries you may have about the programme.

Step 7: Sign the enrolment forms

The final step before embarking on your journey is to sign your enrolment forms. These documents, provided by our onboarding team, contain all the necessary information about your chosen apprenticeship programme. Ensure both you and your line manager sign the forms within 4 days of receipt to prevent them from expiring.


Congratulations you are now enrolled and ready to start your apprenticeship programme with GLP Training.

We wish you the best of luck and are always here to help you if you have any issues throughout your programme. Please contact a member of our team on 01905 670 884.

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