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Sleep and Tiredness

Find out how to sleep well and the common lifestyle factors that are making you tired.

Why am I tired all the time? Feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym, TATT, which stands for "tired all the time". We all feel tired from time to time. The reasons are usually obvious and include:

  • too many late nights

  • long hours spent at work

  • a baby (or a relative that requires care) keeping you up at night

But tiredness or exhaustion that goes on for a long time is not normal. It can affect your ability to get on and enjoy your life. Unexplained tiredness is one of the most common reasons for people to see their GP. Why you might be tired all the time? Before you see a GP, you may want to work out how you became tired in the first place. It can be helpful to think about:

  • parts of your life, such as work and family, that might be particularly tiring

  • any events that may have triggered your tiredness, such as bereavement or a relationship break-up

  • how your lifestyle may be making you tired

A GP will look at the following causes of tiredness:

  • psychological causes (like anxiety that keeps the body in constant overdrive)

  • physical causes (like feeling unwell or being able to move without pain)

  • lifestyle causes (like feeling bored or periods of emotional stress)

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