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May's Apprentices of the Month!

May's apprentice of the month graphic

We are back with our Apprentice of the Month series, where we celebrate the achievements and talent of our learners who are doing exceptionally well on their apprenticeship programme.

For May's apprentices of the month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on two of our fantastic learners, who have been recognised by their tutors in demonstrating outstanding performance, and a passion for personal and professional development.


Build, Trade and Facilities Apprentice of the Month

Our Build, Trade and Facilities Apprentice of the Month has been awarded to:

Will Fenton

Will is on our Building Services Engineering apprenticeship, and works for Mitie. Here's what his tutor, Dean, had to say about why he was deserving of this award.

"Will Fenton has excelled in all areas of teaching and learning over the past month, acquiring lifelong skills in various aspects of building services. He successfully fitted a full bathroom, a task he couldn't have accomplished a few months ago due to a lack of confidence and skills. His progress demonstrates significant growth and proficiency.

Additionally, he has excelled at work, showcasing his ability to apply newly learned skills effectively. His achievements reflect both his dedication and the comprehensive training he has received from GLP Training and his tutor, Neil has worked closely with Will over the past few months.

At the start of the course, Will was struggling, but in the last month or two, he has shown remarkable improvement, demonstrating great skills and abilities. Due to his dedication and hard work,

I am nominating Will for Apprentice of the Month because of his impressive progression and the practical skills he has learned while working with Neil at the Building Block."


Professional Services Apprentice of the Month

Our Professional Services Apprentice of the Month has been awarded to:

Ellie Drewett

Ellie is on our Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship, and works for University College School London. Here's what her tutor, Doneis, had to say about why she was deserving of this award.

"Ellie has this month completed her Operational Departmental Manager qualification, while on programme it was amazing to see how her confidence in herself and her abilities developed.

She was motivated and very keen to learn, often undertaking additional development activities. She always participated well in group sessions giving others the benefits of her knowledge and experience and was always there to support others."


Congratulations to our two May Apprentices of the Month! This is an achievement to be proud of.

Keep an eye out for next month's outstanding apprentices!

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