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Celebrating International Students Day 2023

5 students with their backs towards the camera, backpacks on, walking their way in what looks like a school.

International Students' Day pays tribute to the contributions and experiences of students around the world.

On this special day, we celebrate the diversity, the cultural exchange, and the invaluable impact students have on our educational institutions and communities.


The History of International Student Day

International Student Day is celebrated on November 17th each year, which began in 1939. On this day, a group of Czech students organised a demonstration in Prague to protest against the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and the closure of Czech universities. Tragically, the peaceful demonstration was met with violence, and several students lost their lives. As a result, International Students' Day became a symbol of courage and resistance.

Today, while International Student Day has evolved beyond its original protest, it continues to be a reminder of the power of unity, activism, and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding across borders.


Why International Student Day Matters

Celebrating Diversity

Students internationally enrich the academic and cultural fabric of our training providers. They bring unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas that foster diversity and inclusivity, making educational environments more vibrant and dynamic.

Cultural Exchange

International Student Day serves as a reminder of the importance of cross-cultural exchange. Students from different backgrounds have the opportunity to learn from one another, fostering a deeper understanding of the world's various cultures and traditions.

Promoting Peace

The history of International Student Day highlights the role of students in promoting peace and advocating for social justice. The event in Prague in 1939 shows that students can be a powerful force for change and positive influence in the world.

Recognising Challenges

Students often face various challenges, such as adapting to a new culture, dealing with language barriers, unique learning styles and academic differences. Recognising these challenges on International Student Day helps raise awareness and support for their unique needs.

Building International Networks

Celebrating International Student Day encourages the formation of international networks and friendships that can last a lifetime. These connections create a global community of future leaders and professionals.


Ways to Celebrate International Student Day

Social Media

Share stories and experiences of international students on social media using the hashtag #InternationalStudentDay. This can help raise awareness and promote dialogue on the importance of education.

Support International Students

Reach out to students and apprentices in your community, offer assistance if needed, and engage in cross-cultural conversations to promote understanding and friendship.

Educational Initiatives

Encourage educational institutions to offer more scholarships and support services to international students, ensuring that they have the resources needed to succeed in their academic endeavours.


International Student Day is a day to celebrate the contributions of students and to recognise the importance of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. It serves as a reminder that education transcends borders and that students, as global citizens, can play a significant role in shaping a better, more interconnected world.

At GLP Training, our commitment to encourage a culture of growth extends to the heart of our organisation, where we deeply value and invest in the professional journey of our apprentices. We believe in recognising the unique potential of each individual, offering comprehensive support and mentorship to ensure their success as they embark on a transformative learning experience within our team.

So today, on November 17th, let's come together to celebrate International Student Day and acknowledge the positive impact of students in our communities and around the world!

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