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Hiring an Apprentice

Apprenticeships help bring valuable skills into your business with governmental aid. They’re suitable for people at any kind of level so you can hire someone new or upskill an existing employee.

You’ll need to create an apprenticeship service account to hire an apprentice.

You can then either:

If you create an apprenticeship opportunity, we’ll advertise it on find an apprenticeship.

You can manage the recruitment process or ask your training provider to manage it on your behalf.

An apprentice must:

  • be 16 or over

  • not already be in full-time education

  • be living in England

There are other ways to find an apprentice and increase the diversity of your applicants. For example, you can:

  • hold open days

  • arrange visits to schools, colleges and universities

  • use social media

  • participate in careers events, like WorldSkills UK Live



Over 8 million searches for apprenticeships on Find an Apprenticeship each month.

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