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Introducing our NEW Cohort System: Connected and Focussed!

Network of people

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, adaptability is key. At GLP Training, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve, and that's why we're thrilled to announce a transformative shift in our apprenticeship programme—say hello to our new cohort system!

After years of successful Open and Closed cohorts, we're introducing two groundbreaking types that will revolutionise the way employers and apprentices engage with learning.


Out With the Old...

Traditionally, GLP Training have had Open Cohorts, designed for apprentices from multiple employers, and Closed Cohorts, tailored for apprentices from a single employer. While these models served us well, we believe it's time to enhance the learning experience and provide even more value to our clients, to help select the perfect programme for you!

In With the New!

Launching this month, we are proud to introduce two new cohort types:

Focussed Cohorts and Connected Cohorts.


Focussed Cohorts: Maximise ROI and Close the Skills Gaps Quicker

Tailored Modules

Focussed Cohorts allow for complete customisation of modules. This means you have the flexibility to address specific skill gaps within your workforce.

Additional Qualifications

Flexible Delivery

Connected Cohorts: An Extra Dimension of Learning

Enriched Learning Experience

Connected Cohorts take learning to the next level by fostering an environment where apprentices can learn from the experiences of their peers. This interconnected approach provides a broader perspective and encourages collaboration.

National Networking


Don't Miss Out!

At GLP Training, we're committed to innovation and excellence in education. Our new connected and focussed cohort system represents a significant step forward in providing tailored, flexible, and interconnected learning experiences, catering for the needs of all employers.

Starting from November, all apprenticeship enrolments will be seamlessly integrated into our new cohort system. This is an exciting opportunity to choose the cohort type that aligns best with your organisational goals and workforce needs.

Join us on this journey of transformation, and lets shape the future of apprenticeship programmes together!

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