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April's Apprentices of the Month!

Aprils apprentice of the month graphic

We are back with our Apprentice of the Month series, where we celebrate the achievements and talent of our learners who are doing exceptionally well on their apprenticeship programme.

For April's apprentices of the month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on two of our fantastic learners, who have been recognised by their tutors in demonstrating outstanding performance, and a passion for personal and professional development.


Build, Trade and Facilities Apprentice of the Month

Our Build, Trade and Facilities Apprentice of the Month has been awarded to:

Shane Forde

Shane is on our Building Services Engineering apprenticeship, and works for Nuffield Health. Here's what his tutor, Jack, had to say about why he was deserving of this award.

"Shane’s nomination stems from his unwavering dedication to advancing as a building services engineer. His commitment to both his qualifications and personal growth is evident in every aspect of his work. Shane consistently maintains a positive attitude towards learning, demonstrating a genuine eagerness to broaden his knowledge and enhance his skill set.


Furthermore, Shane outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed, as evidence by his recognition as the apprentice of the month for Nuffield Health. This achievement underscores his exceptional contributions and exemplary work ethic.


During his time at Building Block in April, Shane showcased his remarkable abilities during electrical practical work. His proficiency and attention to detail were evident in the quality of work, which consistently exceeded expectations. Moreover, Shane demonstrated impressive adaptability, seamlessly navigation various challenges and effectively solving problems as they arose.


Overall, Shane’s nomination is a testament to his outstanding work ethic, passion for learning, and remarkable talent as a building services engineer. His contributions exemplify excellence and serve as an inspiration to his peers and colleagues alike."


Professional Services Apprentice of the Month

Our Professional Services Apprentice of the Month has been awarded to:

Maria Banu

Maria is on our Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship, and works for Diamond Resorts. Here's what her tutor, Richard, had to say about why she was deserving of this award.

"Maria consistently turns in a high quality of work where time and effort has gone into thinking about the content vs criteria. A conscientious learner, committed to the course and is a pleasure to work with. Maria has this month, completed all coursework to now begin on her FM award and Gateway / EPA planning, ahead of schedule. 

Over the last 6 months Maria has provided great feedback on the course and I have been able to see, from her evidence, as well as formal discussions, how her leaning is being applied in her role. 

Well done Maria – keep up the great work."


Congratulations to our two April Apprentices of the Month! This is an achievement to be proud of.

 Keep an eye out for next month's outstanding apprentices!

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