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Announcing the launch of our Improvement Apprenticeships and Six Sigma Belts

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In a world that thrives on constant growth and innovation, personal and professional development is the pillar to success. GLP Training stands at the forefront of this journey, offering not one, but three exceptional Improvement Apprenticeship Programmes and Six Sigma Belts.

In this blog post, we'll explore these new, transformative programmes designed to empower professionals at all levels. Whether you're a seasoned expert, a recent graduate, or an employer seeking to enhance your team's capabilities, GLP Training has tailored solutions for you.


The Improvement Apprenticeships and Six Sigma Belts

Improvement Technician Level 3

The Improvement Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship is a comprehensive programme designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in roles focused on improving processes and efficiency within an organisation.

The programme is great for individuals who are relatively new to the field of continuous improvement as you get to learn the basics of continuous improvement methodologies, problem solve and become skilled in several data collection and analysis techniques.

Yellow Six Sigma Belt

Karate yellow belt being tightened around waist

This programme offers a complementary qualification embedded within the 14+ month course; the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. This certification equips the apprentice with the foundational knowledge in six sigma methodologies allowing them to contribute as valuable project team members. Their role will involve reviewing process enhancements to help maintain the quality of the project.


Improvement Practitioner Level 4

If you’re passionate about driving change, enhancing efficiency and wanting to make a lasting impact within your career, then the Improvement Practitioner Level 4 Apprenticeship is your gateway to a rewarding profession and continuous improvements, to shape your future in various industries.

This programme equips individuals with a comprehensive skills set, and allows you to dive deep into the world of process improvements, by helping you understand how to analyse and optimise workflows. Additionally, apprentices will become confident in tackling complex issues with problem-solving methods and learning how to lead teams and collaborate through teamwork building tasks. Individuals will grasp an understanding of Project Management skills as well as developing Change Management skills to ensure smooth organisational transitions.

Green Six Sigma Belt

Karate green belt being tightened around waist

Upon completion of the 14+ month programme, apprentices will possess a profound understanding of continuous improvement principles as well as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. With this qualification, individuals will be able to enhance their employability and boost personal growth. Their role will involve assisting with data collection and analysis for Black Belt projects.


Improvement Specialist Level 5

The Improvement Specialist Level 5 Apprenticeship is a comprehensive training programme designed to develop individuals into highly skilled professionals in the field of improvement and organisational development.

The apprenticeship covers crucial topics including project management, problem solving, coaching, change management, and data analysis. Apprentices will learn to plan and execute projects, manage change and improve processes for increased efficiency within organisations. This program is typically offered in various industries and is geared towards those who wish to become experts in driving positive change and effectiveness.

Black Six Sigma Belt

Karate black belt being tightened around waist

This programme contains the addition of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification.This advanced certification equips the apprentice with the knowledge to lead problem-solving projects. Their role will involve coaching and training project teams and they will be recognised as an expert within the lean management and quality control field.


The Progression Route

A trail visually showing the progression route, starting from a level 3 improvement technician, to a level 4 improvement practitioner, to a level 5 improvement specialist and finally to an improvement manager or operations manager role


How these apprenticeships can benefit individuals

Improvement apprenticeships are all valuable programs that can benefit individuals in various ways:

The Improvement Technician Apprenticeship offers a foundational education in process improvement, quality control, and data analysis, equipping apprentices with practical skills and experience using industry-standard tools and techniques. This apprenticeship serves as an entry point for newcomers to the field, preparing them for job opportunities.

In addition, the Improvement Practitioner Apprenticeship builds upon the technician programme, delving deeper into specialised areas such as lean management, and data analytics. It also fosters leadership and project management skills, enabling apprentices to oversee and drive improvement initiatives within organisations. Completion of this program often leads to advanced roles and greater responsibilities.

The Improvement Specialist Apprenticeship offers comprehensive expertise in process improvement, quality management, and efficiency enhancement. It prepares apprentices to lead and implement improvement projects effectively while emphasising strategic alignment with organisational goals. Graduates of this program typically occupy senior positions, such as managers where they contribute significantly to their organisations success.


How these apprenticeships can benefit employers

  • Cost-effective Training

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Flexibility in Training

  • Loyalty & Commitment

  • Enhances Employee Retention

  • Leadership Development

  • Strengthens the companies Brand Image

  • Tax Breaks & Incentives

  • Tailored Training

  • Close the Skills Gap

  • Drive a Culture of Lean and High Performance


In conclusion, Improvement apprenticeship programmes offer multiple benefits for both individuals and employers. They foster a culture of continuous improvement, enhance employee skills, boost productivity and contribute to long-term success. Investing in such programmes is an investment in the future, driving positive change in an ever-evolving business landscape. Click the link below to explore our apprenticeship programmes and download the prospectus.

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