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Announcing our Partnership with Cranfield School of Management

Outside of Cranfield School of Management

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with the prestigious Cranfield School of Management, a collaboration that underscores our shared vision to transform the industry and provide unparalleled training and development opportunities for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and management skills.


Who are Cranfield School of Management?

Cranfield School of Management is a world-class management school renowned for its 60 years of excellence in business education. Cranfield has consistently ranked among the top 10 business schools globally, and it currently holds the esteemed position of 3rd in the UK for executive custom programmes. With a dedicated faculty of experts and a curriculum that blends theory with real-world application, Cranfield provides an exceptional educational experience.

The school’s commitment to innovation and leadership development ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment. Cranfield's vibrant alumni network and collaborative partnerships with leading organisations further enhance the opportunities available to its students, making it a premier choice for aspiring business leaders worldwide. Known for its strong industry connections and emphasis on practical learning, Cranfield equips students with the skills and knowledge essential for career success.

Why have we partnered with them?

The partnership between GLP Training and Cranfield School of Management aims to deliver a comprehensive management pathway for professionals, facilitating their progression from

Level 3 to Level 7.

In addition to this, our collaboration includes the integration of accredited Cranfield School of Management micro-credentials into our sustainability pathway. This alliance is built on shared goals and objectives, streamlining our visions to offer exceptional services and advancement opportunities to professionals. Cranfield's emphasis on practical, real-world applications of business theory aligns perfectly with our hands-on approach to training.

What this means for you?


This partnership presents a structured pathway for individuals aiming to start or progress their leadership and management career. Starting from the ground up as a Level 3 Team Leader, you'll have the opportunity to advance to the Level 7 Senior Leader status. Beyond the academic qualifications, as an individual you'll have access to an extensive network culminating GLP Training and Cranfield School of Management clientele and industry connections, enriching your professional network and opening doors to new possibilities. Moreover, this collaboration has the addition of an array of micro-credentials, offering more than just the occupational standards set out in all apprenticeship programmes. By acquiring recognised certifications, you'll enhance your expertise and improve your professional profile, making yourself an attractive prospect for future career endeavours. It's not just about getting a job; it's about shaping a career path that's both rewarding and fulfilling.


For organisations, this partnership provides peace of mind knowing that your training solutions are in the hands of industry-leading experts. Whether it's due to limited funding or a lack of resources to find suitable training partners for different levels, this collaboration streamlines the process, assuring a curated pathway that nurtures your workforce. We handle the pathway, so you can focus on reaping the benefits of a skilled and empowered workforce.

Impact on the Industry

The impact of this collaboration extends beyond individual and organisational means. By setting new benchmarks in training excellence, our partnership endeavours to catalyse a fundamental change within the industry. With a focus on addressing prevailing industry requirements and optimising levy utilisation, we aspire to redefine the landscape of training.

Our collective ambition is to bring about a time when organisations succeed because they have strong, forward-thinking leaders.This partnership shows our dedication to helping everyone move forward together and to making big changes across the entire industry.


Hear from our CEO about this collaboration:

Our CEO, Gemma and Dr Steph Russel collaborating at an exhibition seminar, announcing the partnership

"Over the last 6 months, Dr Steph Russell and I have been working on creating an innovative partnership for the training industry. I am thrilled to announce this groundbreaking collaboration between GLP Training and Cranfield School of Management, which is set to revolutionise management apprenticeships and provide a smooth transition across all levels.

Dr Steph Russell and I, are deeply passionate about quality apprenticeships and lifelong learning. Our aim is to inspire employers to embrace the art of crafting apprenticeship pathways and building apprenticeships into their strategies. Apprenticeships are a tool, and the masterpiece is in the making. 

Collaboration is indeed powerful, and together, we can shape the future of education and professional growth.

-Gemma Louise Parsons, CEO of GLP Training


To find out more information about our collaboration, and discuss the opportunities available, visit our website below.

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