Your Trainer will be able to provide advice and information about your learning at appropriate times during your course. You will also be able to request advice and information at any time during your course.

When you are close to completing your course, your Trainer will offer progression routes for you, including other courses & future development opportunities.

Apprentice information and support

GLP Training is committed to supporting our Apprentices and students in their future goals and career path.

Learn how to make your CV stand out, explore interview tips and tricks as well as what you should expect from your first week in your Apprenticeship.

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Other IAG resources

National Careers Service

Phone: 0800 100 900


National Apprenticeship Service

Find out more about apprenticeships.


Not Going To Uni

A one-stop site for information about gap years, distance learning and apprenticeships.


Natspec Colleges Directory

Further education for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.


The Apprenticeship Guide

Find out updated information about Apprenticeships by industry, subject or your skills and interests.


Stories to inspire your career.


Hear it from one of our own apprentices...

"On the first day of my apprenticeship, I was anxious and excited for the future. Coming straight from Secondary education into a working environment was a big step for me. 

Soon after I arrived and I met my colleagues, all my anxiety and doubts were swept away.

11 months on from my first day as a new Apprentice and I am as excited as ever and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

My biggest tip for surviving your first week as an Apprentice, would be to try your hardest to get to grips with the working environment, and to also understand, you are wanted and supported in your new job." - Jack


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