Combined Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2

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Combined Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2


Keith Atkins

Our remote combined Functional Skills English and Maths courses are designed to provide you with all the knowledge and practical skills of reading, writing, listening and mathematics that you need to be able to use in everyday life, in a work-place environment, or in further study. With GLP Training we understand time is precious and have no minimum length of study time before you can go ahead with your exams. The booking of exams is fully up to you and can be done so at a pace in-line with your needs.

The level 2 functional skills in both English and Maths is the equivalent of a grade C at GCSE, showing that once achieved you can use English and Maths at a high standard.

What's included?

This combined Functional Skills level 2 course includes all the help, support and tutoring you will require to further develop your English and Maths ability before you sit your exams and achieve your qualification. From day one of getting to know your course materials and allocated tutor to the final day of revision material before your exam.

• Email and video call assistance from your tutor if you need help
• Access to all of GLP Trainings online virtual learning environment full of help sheets, activities and other valuable learning material.
• A marked mock exam paper
• A monthly tutorial with your tutor up until your exam

At GLP we understand that people are individual and often have different styles and ways of effectively learning and remembering the information and skills they require for their exams. As a result, and in partnership with CognAssist we’ve designed learning materials suitable for students of all different learning preferences, whether that be visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, allowing you to learn in the way most comfortable and effective for you.

Once enrolled on the course, you will receive a confirmation email for your enrolment, along with your initial username and password for you to log in to our virtual learning environment to access all of your materials. From here you will be able to contact your tutor for any help you require and inform them when you’re ready to book your exam.


Functional Skill English level 2 includes modules on three main segments of the English language:

Reading: This module measures and helps build your ability to understand written English and the finer aspects of it. With the level 2 course focusing on ‘reading for information’, which includes examining biased pieces of work, helping you work out whether the author can be trusted or not. While also looking at the importance of layout features and their suitability for certain types of writing that can impact the reader.

Writing: Being able to write English clearly so others can understand and interpret is an important skill in many aspects of work and study, so this course helps show the different writing styles needed for different pieces, from newsletters and emails, to blogs and formal letters. Along with this, spelling, punctuation and grammar will also be tested in preparation for the exam.

Speaking, Listening & Communication: An important element of the English language is being able to communicate it effectively whether that’s through speech or interpreting someone else’s speech. This module will help improve this ability, showing the best ways to use speaking, listening and communication on a daily basis.

While the Functional Skills Maths level 2 qualification contains the below modules:

Using numbers: In this module, skills important for the maths used in everyday life will be taught and examined. The module will feature a range from whole numbers to fractions, decimals and percentages which will be used in real-life settings such as working out profit margin percentages for a business’s products or working out whether your bills are all correct.

Understanding measure, shape and space: This module features a wide range of topics which will be taught and then will be associated with real-life scenarios for problem solving tasks. These topics vary from distance and area which may help you work out the area/perimeter of a new building site for example, to time, speed and temperature which may be useful in working out the optimal heat and time for a food recipe.

Handling data: One of the most important elements of maths is knowing what to do with the data that’s been collected and summarising and presenting it in a way that is clear for people to understand. As such, in this module you will look at the best ways to present data, graphs and charts for example while also learning to read data and see patterns and probabilities.

Entry Requirements

These qualifications require no entry requirements! All that’s required is access to a computer, laptop or tablet, along with an internet connection to access all of your virtual learning resources.


Your readiness for the exams will be assessed throughout the course of your learning period but once ready there is two online exams needed to be taken to achieve your Functional Skills English level 2 qualification. The two exams include a reading exam and a writing exam which will feature all of the topics you’ve learnt and placing them in realistic scenarios. There is also a separate segment for speaking, listening and communication which contains two assessments. The Functional Skills Maths level 2 qualification contains just one exam which features the range of topics mentioned in the modules section, placing them in realistic scenarios for you to solve. Once ready for your exam, please contact your tutor for guidance in booking it.


Once you pass all of the exams, you’ll achieve a Functional Skills Level 2 qualification in English and a Functional Skills level 2 qualification in Maths which is the equivalent of a grade C or above (4 or above) at GCSE. Achieving this qualification may help you in improving your CV and job suitability, along with also helping you gain access to other further education courses whether with us or at universities.