The ESFA has announced (1st January 2020) the Digital Apprentices Service (DAS) would now available for SME (Small to Medium Employers). Currently SME’s pay 5% of course fees with the rest of the fee being paid by the Government. There will be funding for up to 5000 apprenticeship starts per month for SMEs which will be made available from January 2020. This funding will cover all apprenticeships across the whole of England.

The Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) support SME’s in how they pay for their apprenticeship training as well as recruiting their apprentices or upskilling current staff.

The service will provide employers with a choice about how they want to use apprenticeships and make them work for their business.

This apprenticeship funding will only be available via the ESFA's online apprenticeship service, you will need to set up an account and reserve funding to access the funding for your business.

GLP Training is supporting Employers in setting up a DAS account so they can allocate funding for their Apprenticeship training and also access services such as recruit an Apprentice.

Also, speak to us about advice and guidance on co-investment and any additional financial incentive for taking on an apprentice. These include £1,000 for recruiting a 16-18-year-old or a 19-24-year-old apprentice with additional learning needs or an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

Benefits of using the DAS

Full access for your business to the digital apprenticeship service allows you to:

  • Reserve apprenticeship funding

  • Select a suitable apprenticeship standard and end point assessment organisation

  • Advertise an apprenticeship vacancy with no cost

  • Control the amount of funding paid to your training provider on your behalf

To contact us for further information:

If you’re an SME looking to access apprenticeship training for your business we can talk you through the process.

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