An apprentice may take a break in learning provided they plan to return to the same apprentice programme. The decision to take this break in learning, the reason for the break and its expected duration must be agreed upon with the employer. This could include medical treatment, parental leave or leave for other personal reasons.


If you have a learner who falls into the above statement, please complete and submit the form below but before doing so, please be aware of the following:

  • A learner cannot go on a break in learning in the first six weeks of their programme - in this instance the learner would be withdrawn back to start but may re-enroll when they return

  • The reasons for a break are quite limited and do not include things like being too busy at work

  • Reasons for taking a break in learning would include:

    • Maternity Leave / Paternity Leave

    • Health Issues /Illness

    • Bereavement

    • Family Commitments / Personal Reasons


  • If you are not sure, please call the office at 01905 670884 to discuss with the administration team or your line manager before submitting the form

  • Please ensure you detail the name and email address for both the learner and the manager.  This will be needed for electronic signature purposes.  If the learner signature cannot be gained, for example, the learner is on long term sick, please ensure you add this information to the form



Once the form has been submitted and approved. a form will be sent through PICSWeb for sign off by the learner and employer and, once this is done the system will be updated.  A learner in a break in learning is still available to view on Smart Assessor but you will see padlocks around their aims.



In order to start the process to bring a learner back from a break in learning, the first step is to arrange an appointment with the learner and confirm this date in the box below.


On the date of the appointment, you must review the learning that has taken place so far, deliver teaching and learning against each aim to include maths and English if needed and conduct a full review.


The next part of the process is that the learner must sign to confirm their return via a form issued through PICSWeb by the Administration Department.

Once the review has taken place and the form has been signed, the learner's record will be reinstated and their planned end date will change on Smart Assessor to reflect the amount of time the learner has been on a break. Apprenticeships, education

Break in learning/Return application form

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