Case Studies

At GLP Training we pride ourselves on the high quality learner experience that we deliver. It is vitally important to us that the learner enjoys the experience and learns during the process whilst still supporting the business needs and requirements.

“Learner worried about their Assessment”

Apprenticeship – Trade Services Level 2

Learner A was worried and concerned about the Maths assessment as part of the apprenticeship. To support the learner, the Assessor coached and supported the learner through this process. The Assessor also obtained additional practice papers and exercise books from the internet for the learner to use. The learner passed their Maths assessment with a high pass mark.

The learner came out of the process with more confidence in their own ability and became more confident in the work that they were performing, which directly affected their communication in a positive way.

“Learner keen to overcome English fears”

Apprenticeship – Business Administration Level 2

Learner B was completing a Business Administration Level 2, during the apprenticeship the learner had fears of being able to cope with anything related to English in the apprenticeship. The learner informed the assessor of their fears and worried due to years of bullying at school. The assessor spent time with the learner and coached them through the fears. The learner addressed any concerns and sat their English assessment feeling confident and passed.

As a result, the learner has an increased sense of self-esteem which has impacted the day to day work that the learner does in a positive manner